Leaf Adventures – 1150 miles

Rolled over 1000 diesel free miles in little over a month which considering the car never moved for two weeks as on holiday then she is getting good use.

The rate of test drives that I am now taking family and friends on seems to be ever increasing. The sight of another Leaf other than at dealership is still very rare.

No issues with car other than a tiny paint chip in rear bumper caused I think by a high kerb behind a charging bay at Chelmsford Park and Ride. Not helpful when you have to manoeuvre into the bay at a tight angle. As much as I like the camera the screen can be difficult to view in bright sunlight and reversing sensors would be a handy addition. That’s the one piece of kit I would like extra.

Fatsia and I have settled into an easy routine as she is so chilled out to drive. I can now tell exactly how much battery we will now use on my local trips and I will be planning a longer journey to Stoke in the not to distant future.

The rapid network is ever expanding and we now just need some additional units put in place towards Suffolk, Norfolk and A14 from Ipswich towards Cambridge so I can easily reach the Midlands, Broads and Coast.

The Rapid Charge Network should cover this when work resumes in September.

No regrets over the purchase and the adventure continues.


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