Ruby Princess – Day 12

Late post but we arrived in Le Harve for a spot of French atmosphere before our return to Southampton. We enjoyed a very long lay in as everyone was feeling rather tied after near two weeks of eating and missing breakfast was a strategic move in order to once again feel hungry.

There was plenty of time to spare as we had a full day in France. Lesley, the Kids and I made our way ashore and took a taxi into the town centre for a spot of shopping. This should cost 8 Euro and works out good value for four. 

I rather like the brutal modern concrete of Le Harve which was rebuilt after the Second World War after being flattened. We only spent a few hours shopping before heading back to the Ruby for late lunch. Sun was now shining and we enjoyed a burger and swim by the pool. 

Last dinner was an extremely tasty meatloaf and a good sing along as the catering team paraded through the restaurant. We have been extremely impressed with all the meals onboard and I feel the meals were certainly comparable to Celebrity Eclipse which until this point had been my favourite ‘foodie’ ship. 

Great nights entertainment with the Crew Talent Show. Harmless fun. All the entertainment has generally been of a high standard. One of the full production shows was not to my taste but the cast could not be faulted for energy and effort. 




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