Ruby Princess – Day 3

Day 3 saw us pulling alongside Cobh harbour, Ireland at 0900hrs. This is one of the largest natural harbours in Europe! Plenty of history here as this was one of the main ports for Irish immigration to the New World. The sinking of the Titanic particularly effected the local area.

Les and I had last visited in 2010 whilst on Celebrity Eclipse. It was quiet then and even quieter now. The Irish recession has particularly struck here with many empty shops. Still we has never planned to do much here other than a stretch of the legs so only went ashore for an hour before retreating back to Ruby Princess.


Les camouflaged to blend in!


Once back on board we headed for the Calypso Pool (very padded sun beds) and settled down for an afternoon of hot tubs, swimming and reading.

Afternoon tea was not to be missed and we persuaded Lewis and Rowan to join us. End result Lewis was upset he had missed afternoon tea on Day 2. Superb scones and cakes.

We then headed for Theatre to see some local Irish Dancing. Great experience for dancers and passengers.

Nothing much planned in the evening so headed for dinner about 2000hrs. We were given a buzzer and had to wait for table for a short while but no major issue as Explorer Cafe is right next door. Now I had not really fancied the menu tonight but beef satay, Lamb Shank and sublime Key Lime Pie later, I was glad we went. Delicious.

Early night for a date with the Kindle. Not sure how long we can keep this eating pace up, although not snacking between meals may enable survival. This is certainly proving to be a food marathon as expected.


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3 Responses to Ruby Princess – Day 3

  1. Sayvan says:

    Enjoying your blog… I will be on Ruby in September when she repositions back towards the Caribbean. Can you tell me whether they have the new drink packages onboard? In particular, does everyone in your cabin have to purchase it or can individuals? Wouldn’t be worth it for the my wife. Thanks….

  2. Phil Suarez says:

    We have the soda and more package which includes any soda, mocktails, juice, milkshake and hot chocolate. Good value at $8. Staff seem to know we all have a card and don’t even bother checking if one orders for all. All inclusive alcohol is $49. Not everyone has to order a card.

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