Ruby Princess – Day 2

First breakfast on Ruby and we head for MDR on deck 6. I can never understand why people head for buffet when you can be served by the waiting team. Superb poached egg on toast.

We’ve arrived early in Guernsey and Lewis and I pop ashore for a few hours whilst Les and Rowan have some pampering girly time. Pedicure and manicure.


Very nice!

Lewis and I only ashore for quick walk. Beautiful sunny day so head back for burger, swimming and catch up with girls. Probably best cruise ship burger ever. Several hours spent basking like a great white and hey ho time for afternoon tea.

We then head back to cabin to primp and preen for first formal night. Rowan needs a massive two hour make-over. Head for first show at 1900hrs which is superb. Lead female singer has an amazing voice.

Dinner at 2030hrs is another superb meal. Lesley has her all time favourite soup of French onion with gruyere cheese.


Initial thoughts are that the food on Ruby is perhaps the best we have so far experienced on this our 7th cruise. The scones at afternoon tea were amazing. Only thing lacking was Wilkins jam……..

Can’t have everything perfect!


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3 Responses to Ruby Princess – Day 2

  1. Anne says:

    We cruise same, on the 22nd, so following your blog with great interest. I don’t have to say have a great time, as it sounds like you already are!

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